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Čemažar - Offer wooden garden furniture - wooden garden furniture

Čemažar wooden garden sets are designed for outdoor use such as terraces, balconies and courtyards. We also have a wide offer in the showroom.

Offering wooden garden furniture Čemažar wood fancy goods

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Our offer of wooden garden furniture Čemažar


Čemažar wooden garden furniture is our own product and we have been working for 20 years to produce the best wooden garden furniture, quality, comfortable, solid, well protected and of great appearance with various engraved ornaments and shaded edges as desired by clients.

We offer products of wooden garden furniture, wooden sets of solid spruce wood, wooden garden benches, wooden garden tables, wooden chairs, wooden bar stools, furnishing bars of solid wood, decorative trestles, wooden balcony fences, wooden garden fences, wooden terrace fences, wooden terraces wooden wheelbarrows, wooden stands, wooden garden sheds, wooden garden houses ...

In the classic wooden garden furniture, the tables were complemented by various chairs, benches, loungers were wooden with wheels and with a movable back covered with cushions. Even contemporary wooden garden sets retain a touch of eternal classicism. Wooden garden sets are suitable for people who devote their corners of the garden or terrace to rest, relaxation and who love the home and warmth.

There are corners in the garden where we can move into the past, read a book and relax. Čemažar wooden garden sets are designed for outdoor use such as terraces, balconies and courtyards. We also have a wide offer in the showroom.

Offer wooden garden furniture - wooden garden furniture

Production of wooden garden seating sets of quality spruce boards, which are 7 cm thick (wooden solid furniture eight) and 10cm (wooden solid furniture weekend). The massive wooden garden furniture has a 3cm oak wood base below, so that it is not damaged by movement and is also water resistant and does not draw moisture from the floor into the wood.

Wooden garden seating sets are protected 3x with UV wood paint. The paint has additives against crumbling and against woodworms, without varnish by soaking the wood. The top surfaces of the table and bench are painted with 1x foundation against worms and crumbling and then 2x with a UV stain so that the set does not let water inside even in the rain. Spruce wood is more elastic and thus the possibility of bursting wood is less than hardwood (oak, chestnut, beech), which also gives the furniture a nicer appearance and usability without tablecloths.

Wooden garden furniture

Wood garden accessories

We would like to give you some reasons why to choose our garden furniture!

The wooden table, if desired, is engraved in the corners of the table with different ornaments such as clusters, mountain gorges or mountain huts. The dimensions of the wooden bench and wooden tables can also be at the customer's request from 125cm to 250cm in length. The wooden garden furniture, which is made of halves of round wood with a thickness of 10 cm, is more difficult to process. The set is naturally cultivated and looks great on grass or under trees. We also have garden furniture in stock and you can also see and buy it in our salon at the company headquarters: Gorenji Novaki 29, 5282 Cerkno, by prior arrangement at: 041-365139 Darko.

For outdoor use outdoors, after two to three years, only the top surfaces of the table and bench should be lightly sanded with 150 grit sandpaper and then repainted once or twice with waterproof varnish for outdoor use. Need approx. 0.75l of lacquer and brush.

Outdoor outdoor furniture prolongs your life if you dry it in the winter or cover it well.

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